Flex Cable

Be confident in your mission-critical application installations of flexible and flexing cables. Across the entire range of MachFlex™ cables, you can decrease the total cost of ownership of your machine or device through reduced cable maintenance cost and improved uptime by specifying reliable cabling infrastructure.

In addition, you can solve the space-saving puzzle by utilizing flexible cables designed for tight spaces while maintaining the physical and mechanical requirements needed for rigorous motion.

  • Reduces total cost of ownership through reduced cable maintenance and improved system uptime
  • Superior performance for applications requiring motion, including suitability for use in NFPA79 applications
  • Eliminates common failure modes which cause other industry cables to fail, including cable fatigue, torque and cable memory
  • Flexible conductor, insulation and jacket materials
  • Flex cycle ratings from light to continuous, up to 14 million cycles
  • Ratings, mechanical resistances and chemical resitances to cover all applications for industrial machinery and devices