Eagle Air II Coal/Gas Burner

Forney in Conjunction with Storm Technologies brings you the Eagle Air II Burner!

Need the ability to fire both coal or natural gas so your plant can take advantage of the most cost effective fuel option? Eagle Air II is a Wall-Fired-Boiler Dual-Fuel Burner that gives you that flexibility.

Why consider EagleAir 2 burners:

  • Ability and flexibility to fire both coal, gas to allow the plant to fire the most cost effective fuel
  • Reduce the need to retire coal plants and/or permits for fuel flexibility
    • Especially units less than 300 Mw’s (based on industry review)
    • Gas prices volatile and likely to increase
  • Ability to stage the gas and coal for improved combustion and emissions
  • Turn down for low load operation during “off peak” hours and minimize cycling
  • Conversion of existing unit to have the ability to fire gas or coal vs costly replaced generation with Combined Cycles and/or other to keep diverse portfolio of fuels
  • Forney and Storm are committed to the best possible Service-Quality-Results for competitive steam power generation. By combining Forney’s 85 years of combustion equipment design and manufacturing with Storm’s testing and tuning we offer a powerful partnership for our common customers.
  • If you are considering retiring a coal unit and have gas capabilities, this could be a cost effective option for discussion. If you would like to review the possibilities of upgrading to a 100% gas or coal co-firing option;
  • Forney and Storm Technologies, Inc. can help.
  • 100-300 MMBtu Range
  • Coal and Natural Gas Firing
  • Capable of firing 100% capacity coal or natural gas; Dual Fuel BMS
  • Multiple zones of airflow with control of proportions and spin to each to allow for tuning for combustion and/or NOx
  • Critical for Staging, Tuning and Optimization
  • Secondary Air Inlet allows for accurate control to each burner with provisions for airflow measurement